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Frasier Institute recently published its 2012 version of the “Economic Freedom of the World” index.   You can read the short summary here.  Or if you’re interested in learning more about the data and methodology, you can check out the entire site for it here.

Economic Freedom of the World

If you’re interested in knowing the leading nations, here they are:

(1) Hong Kong,

(2) Singapore,
(3) New Zealand,
(4) Switzerland,
(5) Australia,
(6) Canada,
(7) Bahrain,
(8) Mauritus,
(9) Finland,
(10) Chile
The UK is at #12, the US is at #18, and Japan is at #20.  France scores relatively poorly compared to its Western peers, at #47.  Meanwhile, Italy was downright dismal at #83.   Venezuela was dead last on the list.