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Here are a few good articles warning about Obamacare’s impact.  If you come across this thread and have one to share, leave a reply or shoot me an e-mail, and I’ll try to add it, so that I can maintain a comprehensive list.

Forbes:  How Much is the Obamacare Mandate Going to Cost You?

Forbes:  How Obamacare Will Make Healthcare Savings Accounts More Costly

Forbes:  The Healthcare Cost Monster Emerges

NRO:  Twelve Reasons to Say No To Medicaid Expansion

IBD:  Obamacare Mandate to Cut Worker Hours, Leaving Poor Worse Off

IBD:  Will Only Suckers Buy Obamacare Insurance?

Reason.com:  Obamacare Finds Its Cost Savings — Stop Paying Doctors

American Spectator:  How Medicaid Expansion Will Create Huge Liabilities for the States

Dr. Milton Wolf:  Obamacare Taxes Mean Layoffs

New York Post:  Obamacare’s New Reality

L.A. Times:  Blue Shield of California Seeks Rate Hikes of Up to 20%

Bloomberg:  Aetna CEO Sees Obamacare Doubling Some Premiums

CATO / NY Post:  Obamacare:  Cuomo, Christie, and State Exchanges

AEI:  Fed Study Suggests a Central Idea Underlying Obamacare is Wrong

AEI:  Will Obama’s Health Care Reform Accelerate the Rise in Healthcare Spending?

AEI:  Obamacare Will Make Healthcare More Expensive, Not Less

RealClearPolitics:  CBO is Increasingly Skeptical About Obamacare

RealClearPolitics:  It’s “I Told You So” on Obamacare

NY Post:  The Wheels Are Coming Off Obamacare

WSJ:  The Devil Made Them Do It:  Senate Democrats Trying To Dodge Responsibility for Obamacare

WSJ:  How Obamacare’s Perverse Incentives Encouraged Arizona Medicaid Expansion

NRO:  Escape from Obamacare:  Small Businesses Look to Self-Insure to Escape Mandate

Reason.com:  The Obamacare Revolt:  Physicians Fight Back Against the Bureaucratization of Health Care

RealClearPolitics:  Healthcare Law Faces Biggest Hurdle:  American Consumers

Forbes:  Connecticut Feels the Burden of Medicaid Expansion

Forbes:  One-Third of Doctors Won’t Accept New Medicaid Patients

MarketWatch:  Obamacare Will Harm Employment

Forbes:  Insurance Premiums Will Spike This Fall

Forbes:  The More Businesses Learn About Obamacare, the More Reluctant They Are to Hire

IBD:  10 Disturbing Facts About Obamacare

USA Today:  Mitch McConnell Editorial, “Obamacare Fails to Keep Promises”

Fiscal Times, “Unravel Obamacare and You Get a Trainwreck

Associated Press:  “Some Unions Now Angry About Healthcare Overhaul

Boston Herald:  “Obamacare:  Covering Everything But What You Need

Reason: “The Obamacare Nightmare Scenario

Bloomberg:  “California Fudges the Math on Obamacare

Forbes (The Apothecary):  Massachusetts Democrats to Force Governor to Seek Waiver from Obamacare Provisions

Last Updated:   April 1, 2013